The Secretary (Part 3)

By Drum Digital
21 October 2016

"What a fool he’d been all these years, to let his marriage go and chase skirts..."

By Pamela Muyoba

"Yes, quite frankly you look amazing! You’ve lost weight… you’ve got your spark back. You look like the Tumelo I married.” He grinned sheepishly. “I never noticed…”

"Because you're hardly at home, Darling. You come home when I'm already in bed and leave when I'm still asleep."

Steve interrupted, saying, "Tumelo got the job as your new secretary."

"Really?” Simon couldn’t hide his astonishment. “But she is my wife! And she is not qualified. This is a legal firm and not just an ordinary company. Tumelo doesn't know anything…”

“That's where you're wrong! I took a short course in legal secretarial work, and along with the course I was also doing an internship at a law firm. It's all on my CV," Tumelo said proudly.

Steve told Simon, "She's right, Tumelo is very well qualified. And being your wife shouldn't be a problem – because she's a professional and knows where to draw the line. You should be doubly happy! You'll be seeing each other every day and your search for a good executive PA is finally over. Congratulations, Tumelo!”

Simon realised he'd been cornered. But it didn’t make him angry. It made him even more attracted to his Tumelo. What a fool he’d been all these years, to let his marriage go and chase skirts who were much younger than her.

Assuming a professional air, he said: “Well then, Tumelo, if you'd step into my office, we need to start on the Enkoondla Hydraulics matter, which is due in court next month, and time is of the essence.”

“As you say, Mr Mutonga,” she smiled, and followed him, giving Steve a wink as she passed him. From the loving looks her husband was trying hard to hide, she knew she had played her cards right and won the jackpot. “Thanks mama!” she said silently.

The End.

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