The shocking Outoilet site

By Drum Digital
19 November 2010

TWO years ago it was a small teenage internet chat room in the Western Cape.

But today it has morphed into a mobile social networking site that has its tentacles in hundreds of South African schools and colleges as teens become embroiled in child pornography and hate speech on a scale never before seen in this country.

The latest victim of what is generally known as Outoilet is the 15-year-old schoolgirl at Jules High School in Joburg who was allegedly drugged and gang raped by three boys while classmates stood by and filmed the incident on their cellphones (Ruined by rape, 18 November).

Now this video has become the hottest commodity on the Outoilet site as learners from around the country trade it for up to R20 in cash or airtime.

“It’s disgusting to see this video,” the sister of the rape victim tells us. “She has already been through so much, but the fact that the video is now circulating everywhere makes her feel her rape never stops.”

The site, which for years was kept under the radar by learners, has now become such a controversial issue that concerned citizens have launched a bid to have the site blocked.

But what is Outoilet? Why has it caused such an outrage and how is it possible for teens to trade porn on it? Read all about it in the Drum of 25 November 2010.

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