The star in Nonhle's life

By Drum Digital
14 December 2012

“For the first time in my life it’s not all about me,” she says. “It’s all about Star and actually it’s quite nice to have someone else call the shots around here!”

Nonhle had been feeling broody for some time but struggled to fall pregnant. “I consulted a doctor but I don’t want to go into the reasons why it wasn’t happening.

I was under a lot of stress and had been depressed for almost two years. So when it finally happened, I knew she was a star – the light in the darkness of what I was  going through.

“Before her I thought I had nothing left to live for. I had done it all. I had been the hero of the story as well as the villain and I was just tired of everything. I had no emotions left  until she came and brought me back to life. She resurrected me.”

That is why Star’s names are so personal, she explains. “My partner and I were taking a walk one night. There were bright stars in the sky and that’s when it hit us that this little girl was going to be the light in our lives.”

Her mom, former beauty queen and actress Cynthia Shange (63), picked Star’s three other names.

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