The ultimate cellphone 1/6

By Drum Digital
06 May 2014

Zandile had problems staying connected, until she found the perfect solution

What’s wrong with your phone?” Thuli pounced on Zandile as her best friend stepped into their open-plan offices at the firm Magwaza, Hlongwane & associates. Thuli was cross, and it was plain to see. “I’ve been trying to get through to you all morning but all my calls have been going straight to voicemail.” Zandile slumped into her chair, propped her elbows on the polished wood of her desk and heaved a heavy sigh. She gave her friend a forlorn, defeated look, shook her head, puffed out her cheeks and shrugged.

Zandile’s peculiar reaction to the subject of phones roused Thuli’s suspicions. Zandile was known at Magwaza, Hlongwane & associates as the girl who could keep a boyfriend only as long as her cellphone. So Thuli thought: boyfriend or phone? And took a guess. “Don’t tell me . . .” she said crossing her arms. Zandile simply exhaled audibly.

“Your phone has been stolen!”

“Yes,” Zandile sighed.

“Again?” Thuli exclaimed. Zandile couldn’t believe it either; she was still grappling with the morning’s events. She nodded miserably. “Again.”

“How did it happen?” Thuli asked, choosing to perch on the edge of Zandile’s desk rather than sit in the available chair.

Zandile held up her handbag to show a gash along its base. Thuli’s jaw dropped.

To be continued…….

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