The ultimate cellphone 3/6

By Drum Digital
08 May 2014

“I’ll just have to get another cellphone – again. What else can I do?” She could not let some petty criminal keep her unreachable, cut off from what was going on. Just as well she’d had the presence of mind to jot down all her contacts in her desk diary after replacing her first phone. And fortunately she had been careful about updating the entries on that list. “All I need to do is choose one.” “There are so many phones out there,” Thuli assured her. “Just look through the catalogues and pick one. Why don’t I take you and the girls out for lunch to cheer you up? Then you can take your time to think about your choice of a brand-new, ultra sexy smartphone – the latest model with all the bells and whistles.” “I’m going to need all the free meals I can get, what with having to settle an account for a stolen phone and buying a new one,” Zandile quipped, her tone bitter. Sure, she wouldn't be entirely broke after pay day, but it was a major inconvenience that demanded a drastic cutback in her normal spending.

To be continued…….

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