The ultimate cellphone 4/6

By Drum Digital
12 May 2014

Will Zandile buy another phone? Can she afford it?

Lunch with the girls elevated Zandile’s spirits. “I admire you, girl,” Dineo said, reaching across the table to pat her hand.

“You chose not to play victim. Your phone gets stolen and you immediately start making plans to buy another one.”

“She can afford to,” Vicky giggled.

“Only just!” Zandile chuckled along with her girlfriends over a lunch of chicken and chips. “My salary is good for a single girl – but not that good.”

“None of our salaries is perfect,” said Thuli, “that’s why we’re in awe of you, Zandile. Minor as it may seem to those higher up the salary scale, for us the loss of a cellphone is hard to deal with. But we know in no time you’ll be back to your old self and speed-dialling us from a new cell.”

“But I’ve got better things to do with my money than replace stolen cellphones every other month,” Zandile confessed.

“Have you decided what type you’re going to get?” Vickie asked. Dineo passed a few papers over to Zandile.

“Here are a few ads from today’s papers.”

“And I picked these up from a couple of shops on the way here,” Thuli said, sliding her contribution, a flier and a catalogue, across.

“I saw some pretty good phones in those pullouts,” Dineo said. “They made me wish my phone had been pinched so I’d have an excuse to get myself a new one.”

“Believe me, you don’t want someone making off with your phone!” Zandile said.

She flipped open the catalogue to see what was on offer.

“Wow!” said Vickie, pointing at a classy model. “That one’s nice.”

Zandile looked at the price and gulped.

To be continued…..

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