The unexpected dangers of protective styling

By Drum Digital
01 October 2014

How protective styling can at times do your hair and scalp more harm than good.

Protective hairstyles are supposed to be good for the preservation of your hair's health. As is the case with all things, too much of a good thing is no good.

Here are some examples of how protective styles can be dangerous:

They can damage your edges

We often get tight braids or cornrows with the hope that they will last longer. Opt for larger cornrows and bigger braids around your edges, and try doing crochet weave around the perimeter of your hair. This saves the tresses from being pulled at all around the head.

Protective styles can weigh your hair down

“Loc” (dreadlock) extensions and extra huge box braids can become heavy because of the amount of hair involved.

They can mess up your routine

The benefits of protective styling are completely negated if you don’t continue to moisturize and care for your own hair underneath. Find an applicator bottle to dilute shampoo for your roots, and leave-in conditioner sprays that can the tiny spaces between wigs and weaves.

Celebs in their protective styles:


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