The unwritten rules of marriage

By Drum Digital
29 September 2014

These are the rules that are rooted in personal values and make the two of you compatible.

There are some rules between married couples that are unspoken.

These are the rules that are rooted in personal values. They are small reflections of each other’s character and how this made the two of you compatible to begin with.

Here are some examples of these:

Make time to unplug

Even if you do work that requires you to remain connected, find a way to intentionally unplug so you can reconnect with your partner. It matters.

Don’t criticise your partner’s family or friends

Unless you are specifically asked for your opinions, keep the criticism to yourself. If you feel the friend or family’s behaviour is destructive to your relationship, find a tactful and thoughtful way of sharing this.

Don’t keep bringing up old stuff

Using old arguments or problems to make a point or make your spouse feel bad is not a healthy way to communicate. Avoid this toxic habit.

Choose your battles carefully

Not every battle is worth fighting. Learn to let some things go.

Don’t fight dirty

If you need to argue, do so with respect. Bring nasty to your partner, using painful experiences and/or facts shared by your partner will only do more damage to your relationship.

Don’t make empty threats

If you have no intentions of getting a divorce, don’t say it. Using empty threats to get your point across just causes pain and it puts you in a position where your mate doesn’t take you seriously.

Keep the world out of your marriage

Intimacy is one of the most important aspects of marriage. Don’t ruin it by having everyone feel they have access to your union.

Cherish your friendship

Your friendship should be at the core of your union. If you begin to neglect it, your marriage will suffer.

Don’t make assumptions

Instead of guessing what’s on your spouse’s mind or what their intentions are, just ask.


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