The village fisherman (1/4)

By Drum Digital
07 April 2015

Ntate Gwala caught some beauties in his net.

Ntate Gwala was considered a legend when it came to fishing. He was a mentor and role model to many men in Mango Village. Those who knew him well said he’d started fishing at the tender age of 12. The villagers were grateful because were it not for him, they wouldn’t have sold and eaten such good fish. Their only concern was that Ntate Gwala was hooking more than fish – and he had to be stopped. He had a tendency to take advantage of young women by promising them fish and money in return. He especially went after those who came from disadvantaged families because he knew it was going to be hard for them to turn down his offer.

What he didn’t know was that he was ruining their lives – because no man wanted to marry such a girl after hearing that she’d ended up in Ntate Gwala’s net. Ntate Gwala wasn’t like that to begin with. He’d been a happily married man until his beautiful wife cheated on him with a much younger man. He was devastated and couldn’t come to terms with what had happened. Furious, he made a vow to get back at his ex by pursuing younger women. “I’m a man and I will go with any woman I want,” he boasted.

His friends had no problem with him seeing a younger woman – as long as he was committed only to her. But that wasn’t his aim. His heart was filled with pain and vengeance, and the only way he knew how to deal with it was by chasing after teenage girls just out of school. He started with Mupoti, a very beautiful orphan who lived with her grandmother. The two women were struggling to make ends meet. At that time, she had a boyfriend called Malumani who wished to save for lobolo and marry her.

But when the fisherman showed an interest in Mupoti, she broke off her engagement because Malumani was nothing but a poor farmer’s son. Life seemed to be going well for her because she received plenty of fish. But after a short while, the relationship ended and she was torn apart.

To be continued...

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