The village fisherman (2/4)

By Drum Digital
08 April 2015

Ntate Gwala caught some beauties in his net.

The next one was Nsozi, a bright girl who had a wonderful future ahead of her. But when she began visiting the fisherman’s house, her reputation was ruined. She didn’t let it get to her, though, because in her mind she was convinced that Ntate Gwala was going to marry her. But she was wrong. The fling lasted only for a few weeks, then it was over.

The fisherman continued to prey on other girls. His friend Ntate Molamu begged him, “Brother, why won’t you leave this nonsense behind and get yourself a wife?” “For what, my friend? So that she can also cheat on me just like my first wife did? No way! It’s better like this. It’s my life and I will live it the way I want.”

It was clear that Ntate Gwala wasn’t going to remarry, and intended to carry on living a shameless life. But the village parents weren’t going to sit back and let the fisherman ruin their children’s lives. Together with the Headman, they reported him to the Chief, who summoned Ntate Gwala to his compound immediately.

“What is this I hear about you taking advantage of young women?” the Chief asked, demanding an explanation. “This is a serious matter – and I can expel you from this village! Your grandfather must be turning in his grave because of what you’re doing, Ntate Gwala!” The fisherman told him, “Sir, I can assure you that all those things they told you are nothing but pure lies because I’ve done no such thing! I’m disappointed in the people of this village for whom I’ve done so much! Now they repay me by tarnishing my name. “I give away some fish for free and I also give very generous discounts to the ladies who order fish from me. But now I’m accused of taking advantage. Unbelievable!”

Ntate Gwala defended himself, but the Chief didn’t buy it. He gave the fisherman a warning, telling him, “If I hear any more complaints, I’ll fine you and expel you from the village.” When Ntate Gwala left the Chief’s place he was angry and mumbled to himself, “So they think they’ve won. Well, I’ve got news for them! I’ll do what I want – and the chief can’t stop me!”

To be continued...

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