The village fisherman (4/4)

By Drum Digital
10 April 2015

Ntate Gwala caught some beauties in his net.

“How are you, young lady?” he asked. “I didn’t know that you ever came to the shore.” Nzila gave him a sexy smile and said, “Well, I’m here now. I see business is going very well.” Ntate Gwala gave her a naughty look and said, “Yes, there are plenty of fish – both in the water and on land.” “That’s a shame,” Nzila said. “Because after I tell my father that you took advantage of me, life will become very difficult for you.”

“I’ve never taken advantage of you. You’re the Chief’s daughter. I wouldn’t dare touch you!” “It would be your word against mine. And who do you think my father will believe?” Nzila said with a smile, loving every moment of it. “Why are you doing this to me? I’ve never done you any harm.” “Not me, no,” she said. “But as the Chief’s daughter, it’s my duty to stand up for the girls you’ve wronged. Ntate, can’t you see that you’re a gifted fisherman and that you can use that power to uplift your community instead of exploiting it?

“I want you to stop what you’re doing,” Nzila continued. “And the best part is this – no one will know that we had this talk. They’ll just assume that you came to your senses.”

After the confrontation with the Chief ’s daughter, Ntate Gwala thought things through and found himself a wife. And the villagers were surprised but delighted when he started a programme to help young women pay for their education. One day his friend, Ntate Molamu, was drinking beer with him and asked, “Why did you stop chasing the girls?”

Ntate Gwala winked and said, “Let’s just say I did it for the sake of the village.”

The End.

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