The wife and the mistress lock horns again.

By Pheto Ramakobya
19 January 2016

Buhle Mkhize is back with a lawsuit against Malusi Gigaba’s wife, Norma.

Buhle came on the scene in 2015 when she revealed her affair with the Minister of home affairs, Malusi Gigaba.

The US-based businesswoman revealed details about their alleged affair with the Minister and claims she only did it for closure.

When we were thinking the air was cleared, little did we know that Mrs Gigaba has not forgiven nor forgotten the incident and has been allegedly stalking Buhle on social media.

Monday afternoon saw Buhle threaten to take legal action against Norma after someone tagged Norma in one of Buhle’s post on Instagram.

There was something sinister about Mrs Gigaba’ s response and Buhle took offence.

Buhle wrote: "Someone made a comment here today and tagged @mrs_gigabyte who then responded that at least yena akadayisi ngomzimba (she doesn't sell her body)." .

She also claims Norma left her with no choice but to file a defamation lawsuit against Mrs Gigaba. With a follow up post by Buhle saying she can no longer keep telling Mrs Gigaba to stop insulting her, that's why she's taking legal action.

On Tuesday,Buhle was really taking shots at the Gigaba household on Instagram, where she posted screen grabs that looked like text messages of her conversation with Malusi during the time of their affair.Buhle Mkhize

The businesswoman also claimed there is more to share if they don’t stop with the insults.

“This is going to be the last time you threaten someone about 'investigating' them when they have means to actually put a real investigator on you. Now I have files on files beeeesh. You have only yourself to blame for this. I'll stop when you do... You screw me I double screw you," she wrote.

Buhle continued to nudge Mrs Gigaba by saying: “I've got nothing but receipts to issue from this point".

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