The wonders of olive oil

By Drum Digital
18 August 2014

Olive oil can be used alone on wet or dry hair, or combined with other natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, eggs, or honey.

Olive oil is cost effective and has a shelf life of two years.  Here are other reasons you should add it to your hair care routine:

Immediate Results

Olive oil is sure to leave hair shinier, smoother and healthier within just one use. It contains vitamins E and K that are used in almost every conditioner on the shelves.

It helps prevent inflammation, dandruff and heat damage

Olive oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that help fight dandruff and nurture a healthy scalp. Massaging olive oil throughout your scalp will not only help you grow healthier, stronger hair, but will also prevent flake and dandruff build-up.

Can be used for versatile treatments

  Here are some olive oil treatment ideas:

- Olive Oil Rinse

- Olive Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment

- Hot Oil Treatment

- Olive Oil Deep Conditioning

- Protein Treatment, with eggs and olive oil


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