Thembi's New Love (1/4)

By Drum Digital
15 September 2014

When Thembi met Kaizer, it seemed her move to Joburg was worth it.

As Thembi opened the windows of her two-bedroomed townhouse in a quiet residential area in Joburg she smelled the air and couldn't help but think of how quickly she had adapted to life in a new city. She had already made so many friends!

It had been only a few weeks since she had left her family and all her memories behind in the Eastern Cape. Not only was the money she was earning at the PR company she'd joined much better than she had expected, the people were very friendly too. They went out of their way to help her find accommodation near the office. Her boss, Zinzi, had been especially helpful.

She'd been kind to Thembi and understood when she had to go to her house to wait for furniture to be delivered. Zinzi had even insisted she took a day or two off to get her new place sorted out.

As she inserted her Alicia Keys CD into the music system she couldn't help but get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Was it her imagination or did this guy Kaizer hold her a little tighter than expected when he said goodbye? They had met the previous night at a launch in Pretoria.

It was Zinzi who'd insisted Thembi should go ? she couldn't make it because she had to leave for Cape Town for business. ??You need to go out and meet new people. You can't spend your weekends in a mall or watching movies all the time,'' Zinzi joked. So Thembi decided to take her up on the offer.

She was admiring the décor of the venue when this hunk walked up to her. He introduced himself as Kaizer and offered her a piece of raw tuna. She'd never had sushi before and that's how their conversation started.

They ended up arguing about food because Thembi preferred traditional food and sometimes felt people were neglecting their roots when they preferred food other than African cuisine.

But his reasoning made sense to her ? he said he wasn't ignoring his roots or shying away from them, he was just broadening his horizons. Thembi felt so bad for coming to the wrong conclusion about him that she gulped down her glass of champagne on an empty stomach!

She wasn't sure if it was the bubbles but she suddenly realised he had a perfect set of white teeth and he smelled so good. She had naughty thoughts when she looked at the flat stomach in the shirt that he had tucked into his jeans. His expensive jacket neatly covered his shirt.

A man with goodtaste is a big turn-on, she thought. He didn't wear a wedding ring and when she hinted about a girlfriend he said he was single. ??I've just come out of a relationship and I'm enjoying life for the moment,'' he said ? music to her ears.

An SMS came through on her cellphone and even though she suspected it might be her mother checking up on her she was not quite in the mood to talk. She picked up the phone to read the message: ??It was really great meeting you last night. Can't wait to see you again. The weekend is still long so can we meet for dinner at Fusion Cafe in Melrose Arch tonight? Kaizer.''

To be continued...

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