Thembi's New Love (2/4)

By Drum Digital
16 September 2014

When Thembi met Kaizer, it seemed her move to Joburg was worth it.

Thembi was so shocked she immediately put the phone down. When exactly did she give him her number? She couldn't quite remember but he seemed decent so what the hell.

She was single and had been for a while now ? that was another reason she had moved from the Eastern Cape. She couldn't stand seeing her ex with his new girlfriend any longer.

She got a lump in her throat when she thought about how they had dated for seven years without him ever mentioning commitment once. But after she caught him in bed with a girl from his office and kicked him out of the house he'd married in less than six months. What the hell is wrong with me that he didn't love me as much as the other woman, she wondered?

But before she could become teary-eyed she typed, ??Would love to go for dinner. Just cancelled my other plans. I can meet you there at 8 pm. Thembi.'' She sent the message.

She didn't have other plans but he didn't have to know that. And yes, he probably would've offered to pick her up but rather safe than sorry. If she used her own car she could leave when she wanted to if it didn't work out. ??Great! Meet you at the restaurant at 8 pm. I will keep a bottle of champagne on ice,'' came his reply. Wow, this man means business, Thembi thought.

Champagne on a first date ? how romantic. She decided not to reply. She didn't want to seem too eager. She spent the rest of Saturday afternoon getting ready, trying on dresses, shoes and doing her nails and make-up. When she locked her door at 7.45 pm to leave for her date she felt it was all worth it. She immediately saw him as she walked in.

He was sitting at a table and she could see his smile of approval. He got up, pulled out a chair for her and gave her a peck on the cheek. The champagne was chilled as he'd promised. He introduced her to various types of food she had only heard of before. She never knew what she was missing until that night. Thembi carried on playing it safe, just in case.

She talked about food, books, movies and her family in another province. She didn't talk about her work or mention her employers. In case things went wrong ? it would be embarrassing to get calls on her office phone. The evening was perfect ? they ended it with Brazilian coffee and biscotti.

He walked her to her car and as they said goodbye, he kissed her on the lips and lingered much longer than a male friend usually would when taking his leave.

Thembi enjoyed it and didn't want it to end. But it did and he closed her car door with a promise to call her the next day. She drove home with a smile on her face and when she put her head on her pillow her dreams were of hunky Kaizer feeding her strawberries and cream. She woke up much later than she usually did.

Her smile was even bigger when she switched on her phone and saw an SMS from Kaizer: ??Thank you for tonight. Sleep well. Will call you in the morning. Kaizer.''

Now she knew moving to Joburg had been the best decision ever!

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