Thembi's New Love (3/4)

By Drum Digital
17 September 2014

When Thembi met Kaizer, it seemed her move to Joburg was worth it.

As she was washing her breakfast plate and cup, wondering what to do about lunch, her phone rang. ??Hello, Thembi, it's me, Kaizer. Can you talk?'' ??Yes, I can. Are you well?'' she asked.

??It would be better if you tell me you don't have any plans and I can pick you up for a movie and a bite to eat later,'' he said with a laugh. ??Well, I don't have anything planned but I have a long day at work tomorrow so I can't stay out too late,'' she said, not wanting to sound too eager. ??Okay, but this time I'm picking you up.

We can catch a movie and maybe order takeaway food, seeing as you don't want to stay out too late. Would that be okay?'' They talked about more general stuff. When she put the phone down she became nervous.

He wanted to pick her up. She'd given him her address and directions to get there and everything. What if he kissed her for longer this time? Would she be as cool as the night before?

Let's live in hope and enjoy life, she told herself. Thembi decided to clean up the place and take another shower so she could feel fresh. He was coming at noon so she had about two hours to spare. When her buzzer rang at 12 she let him in and her stomach had the same butterflies as the night before. When he came into her townhouse he seemed impressed.

??Not bad for someone who just moved in a couple of weeks ago. I love your place. It's so homely,'' he said. Eventually they decided to order a DVD and a pizza and ended up staying in.

The choice of DVD surprised her ? it was a love story and he seemed to enjoy it. After the pizza and the movie she made coffee and they started talking. When he gently touched her hand she knew she wouldn't be able to keep her cool no matter how hard she tried. He lifted her up and kissed her, slowly but passionately.  Then they moved to her bedroom . . .

The next day Thembi felt herself blush every time the office phone rang and shehad to answer. She had those butterflies again. He was so gentle last night, it was lovely.

He slept over and left only in the morning. He even made her coffee in bed.

She couldn't believe men like Kaizer still existed.

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