Thembi's New Love (4/4)

By Drum Digital
18 September 2014

When Thembi met Kaizer, it seemed her move to Joburg was worth it.

She had received an SMS earlier: ??Can't wait to see you again. Busy week ahead, but what about Wednesday eve?'' She was sad when she had to reply: ??Can't do Wednesday evening, sorry.


dinner plans a week ago already. Would love to get out of it but really can't.'' She felt it was too soon to invite him along to Zinzi's house. She had promised Zinzi a while ago that she would come

for dinner that week. And after all Zinzi had done for her she couldn't stay away. Plus, there would be colleagues and they would talk about work. He wouldn't be comfortable.

But she had plans to meet Kaizer on Thursday evening and she tried to concentrate on her work instead. ??What's come over you? You look like you're in love!'' Zinzi said as she walked past Thembi's desk. ??I met someone, yes, but it is too soon to get excited.'' ??So invite him along on Wednesday!'' ??Thanks, but I first want him to myself. I want to get to know him better.

If anything serious develops I will bring him to the party next month. Would that be fine?'' ??Of course it would. Can't wait to meet him,'' Zinzi said as she ran off to a meeting.

On Wednesday Zinzi left early to prepare dinner for that evening. Thembi was still sad she couldn't see Kaizer. They had been calling and SMSing each other the whole time and she was counting the hours until the next evening. But she still looked forward to the party. She'd heard Zinzi normally went all out and couldn't wait to see what her house looked like.

Apparently, she lived in a mansion in Pretoria. Her husband was an investment banker and wanted her to stay at home. But she loved her work and preferred to keep busy.

They had been married for three years and didn't have children yet but were planning to start a family soon. Thembi chose elegant pants and a satin top as it was a sit-down dinner.

She didn't want to be the odd one out. As she drove with the map book on the seat next to her and saw the house she gasped ? it looked like a hotel. She told herself to calm down and press the buzzer. Zinzi opened the door and her warm smile made Thembi's fear of not fitting in disappear. The evening was well-planned ? the food, the wine and the people.

Zinzi apologised because her husband, Thomas, was running late and might only join the party later. It was only when they were about to have coffee that they heard a car pull into the garage.

Zinzi got up, excited to bring Thomas in so she could introduce him to Thembi. As Thomas walked into the room Thembi felt as if she was in a movie.

Everything seemed as if it was happening in slow motion. She saw Zinzi's big smile, she held out her hand, people were talking . . . but she couldn't hear a thing because she needed to digest the fact that Zinzi's Thomas and her Kaizer were one and the same person.

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