There’s a millionaire in Mpumalanga who’s about to lose it all

By Drum Digital
28 May 2013

A Lotto R21 million jackpot winner has not claimed his winnings and they’ve got about 24 hours before the ticket expires.

According to National Lottery Operator Gidani players have 365 days after the winning draw to claim their winnings, this particular player from Mpumalanga is left with only 1 day to come forward prior to the expiration of their ticket.

The player had correctly matched the numbers of draw number 1193 of May 30 2012.The winning numbers were as follows: 3, 20, 22, 34, 38, 46 and bonus number 12.

National Lottery Operator Gidani calls upon this player or syndicated group of players to come forward with their ticket to claim the fortune.

The player/s can go to the nearest Gidani offices in Witbank, or contact our customer care number for enquiries on 0800 777 77.

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