These foods are hurting your skin

By Drum Digital
25 June 2014

They're delicious, we know, but the more we learn about the foods we eat and how they can affect us, the more responsibility we need to take for our health.

These yummy foods are causing damage to your skin:

Dairy Products = Acne

Did you know that in the 1960s, doctors uses to treat patients who had acne by recommending they give up milk.

But then, as medication to treat pimples became more effective and available, there was less of a focus on preventing breakouts through dietary changes.

Try this: Consider cutting back on skim milk, which has shown the strongest link with skin flare-ups. (Yogurt seems to have the weakest effect.

Cereals and Starchy Snacks = Inflamed Skin 

Eating a lot of sugar (raisins, cold drink, honey, agave nectar) or simple carbohydrates  (bagels, pasta, cupcakes) can throw off your insulin levels, which can lead to inflammation both inside the body as well as on your face.

Bonus: Giving up sweets and starches can also help you lose weight!

Try this: If you're plagued by pimples,  avoid sugary cereals which often have a higher glycemic index than both sugar and simple carbohydrates alone.

Braai Meat and Deep Fried Foods = Ageing Skin 

Heating meat at high temperatures produces a chemical reaction between the fat and protein that results in compounds called advanced glycation end products (AGES). These AGES are linked to stress and inflammation that can make your skin look ruddier, duller and more wrinkled—older, in general. AGES also increases your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

These compounds are found in French fries, potato chips, deep-fried chicken and other foods that have been cooked in oil at extremely high temperatures.

Try this: You don't need to go on a raw-food diet, but it might be a good idea to eat braai/grilled foods and deep fried foods in moderation.

 Salty, Greasy  Snacks = Bags under your Eyes 

Many brands of chips, crackers and popcorn are loaded with sodium, which can cause water retention. If you're prone to puffiness all over, it will be most noticeable under the eyes, because the skin there is very thin and it doesn't take much to cause swelling.

Greasy snacks are likely to have been cooked at high temperatures, contain AGES, which could result in a double-whammy of puffiness and ageing.

Try this: Roasted, unsalted mixed nuts can satisfy your snack craving without the side effects.

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