Thin spread of April fool jokes

By Drum Digital
01 April 2015

Steve Hofmeyr, Eskom and President Jacob Zuma were the favourites in a sparse selection of April Fool jokes in South Africa's media on Wednesday.

Cape Town -

IOLscitech warned of "Loadshedding stage 3G" with a complicated explainer on how the power usually drained by smartphones had to be reduced to keep cellphone masts online.

A source in fake Eskom said the "inconvenience to users unable to use Facebook or WhatApp during Stage 3G load shedding will be minor.

A spokesperson for the cellphone industry, Tony Ring, did not want to comment and fake Eskom's spokesperson Jan Draadloos (Jan Wireless) said he would comment later.

The Witness reported that Eskom, backed by the health department would push for emergency legislation to force everybody over the age of 8 to cycle for a minimum of 30 minutes to help save the power utility.

Every household would have to buy a PowerUp stationary bicycle which would convert mechanical energy into electrical current via an inverter.

The unfit may start with five minutes a day, and people would be allowed to bank extra time for when they go on holiday, for example.


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