Things every grown woman should have

By Drum Digital
20 November 2014

Are you a grown woman?

Beyonce's song, "Grown Woman" pays homage to the mature woman who's completely comfortable in her own skin.

This woman, for many, is the ultimate partner for her man.

Here are a few items to mark off your checklist:

A recipe her man loves

The kind of recipe that'll have him agree to those changes to the house or forgive you for spending a bit too much on that handbag. Do you have that recipe on lock yet, ladies?

A separate account

This is certainly not an account opened in the spirit of hiding things from your partner, but rather in the spirit of having your independence. It also helps to be able to have funds put aside in case of rainy days.

A happy place

The mall, you best friend's house, the spa - you need to have a place that is your own and can help you recharge from time to time.

A reliable friend

Marriage has its ups and downs. You need a friend whose intentions and action are always pure, kind and non-judgmental to rely on in these times and also to share in your happiness when things are going well.

A cocktail or wine you can count on

Know your drink of choice and don’t be afraid to add it to your weekly grocery list. You never know when you'll be entertaining unexpectedly or when that drink will come in handy for a sexy night for two.

A killer lingerie set

Does this need an explanation? Invest, ladies!

Life insurance policies

The death of a spouse is not something anyone likes to plan for, but it’s not something you ever want to be unprepared for either. It’s far more affordable the sooner you open the policies.  Take your time and do the research so you can choose wisely.

A cute pair of heels that matches near anything

If you must look the part, it pays to have a pair of shoes that are truly fabulous and comfortable too.

A beautiful display of your wedding and children’s photos in your home

Lose the scrapbooks and visit a frame shop. It’s worth it.


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