Things men should have in their wardrobe this winter

By Drum Digital
10 April 2017

Fashion is about democracy with no gender difference,classification by age or status and it becomes a perfect articulation of imperfections.

" We are what we wear and believe it or not the choice we make when selecting colour are a direct link to our state of mind," says HeadStylist at CSquared Rosebank,  Kholisile Nashwa.

Kholisile says this winter, green is a an essential color in almost every man's wardrobe. He suggests getting one's self lush meadow.

"Lush meadow:  This is juicy shade of green that reminds us of May fluffy fields . Lush meadow is both unique and universal, it goes well alone or as a compliment to other more vibrant colors," Kholisile adds.

This winter green becomes a dominant force of color that men wear ,it is also a perfect choice of color for Africa's winter as we don't deal with a winter that is excruciatingly cold and also speaks a perfect sense to the sense to the unavoidable planet chances that is evident of late . Green for winter has a significance of life and fresh breath .

Here's a look at some looks to go  for and must haves to keep you warm and yet not sweaty .

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