This might just be Lerato Kganyago's spiciest response ever

By Drum Digital
03 July 2017

Lerato wasn't about to be bullied

If you are on social media, and particularly Twitter you know how media personality Lerato Kganyago is quick to put trolls in their place. Lerato won't let people bully her on social media, she usually hits back at them and most times the people just get dumbfounded and end up silent.

Of all the times we have seen Lerato's tweets that 'hit' back at haters we think her recent one to a Twitter user was one of her most spiciest ever.

So, here's how it all began...

Lerato tweeted a happy birthday message to her friend and former Metro FM drive time show host Moflava saying; "Happy Birthday i want to say I love and miss you but the way your BIG head is set up, i won't  Have a great day my friend."

After Lerato's tweet DJ Euphonik replied to her throwing shade saying; "#ThingsYouCouldHaveSmsed but the way your hunger for like is set up."

Lerato then responded to Euphonik saying; "Of course! This has to be about you now! So now we don't wish people well on Twitter? Your fake self would think that."

As always Euphonik didn't let it be, he cameback with more shade at Lerato in response to her tweet about him being fake. "Me fake? Look in the mirror real quick...That's right... Not even you notices you." While the two personalities were having a dig at each other. A twitter user decided to side with Euphonik. Have a look below at what he said and how Lerato delivered a 'smack down' response;  

Here is Lerato's response;  

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