Three hot hairstyles to try this winter

By Qhama Dayile
28 April 2016

This hairstyles will ensure your hair goes through winter in style

Faux Locks: Terry Petho

  • This hairstyle is fast gaining popularity - celebrities like Tyra Banks, Terry Petho, Ciara and Zendaya Coleman have nailed the look.
  • This hairstyle can last up to 3 months when treated well.
  • Make sure you choose the right texture and a colour that will match your natural hair.
  • Choose a length that will be easy to manage.
  • Make sure you wash faux dreadlocks bi-weekly and base your scalp once a day.

Cuban Braids: Simphiwe Dana


  • Not everyone can easily grown a thick and healthy afro and those who do sometimes struggle to manage it well in winter.
  • Marley or Cuban braids are great for a natural look and they are easy to plant and do not damage your natural hair.
  • This hair can be curled or combed out like an afro with various length and colour options to try.

Braids or Twists Twists: Miss Pru Dj

freedon dam

  • Braids are an old-school favorite for winter and you will never go wrong as they can also last you for up to 3 months depending on the thickness and the person planting them on your head, however avoid keeping them for too long.
  • Braids need a regular wash every 2 weeks and a daily scalp base.
  • Protect and cover your hair at night to keep the edges of the braids fresh.
  • Avoid always styling your hair as it puts strain on the hairline.

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