Three job hunting faux pas to avoid

By Drum Digital
21 August 2014

Here are some pointers on what not to do when looking for work.

Looking for a, job may seem like a straightforward task but there are several subtle formalities most people overlook - at times to their professional detriment.

Here are some pointers on what not to do when looking for work. 

Lengthy cover letters

Human resources people are very busy people.  you have little more than a minute to show them what you're about, long-winded and unfocused essays about the essence of your being are not going to cut it. 

Your cover letter should be no more than two or three concise paragraphs highlighting work experience pertaining to the exact position. Get straight tot he point, using language similar to that f your potential employer. 

Getting too familiar

Remain professional throughout the interview process and after this, no matter how friendly the HR manager is. 

Also avoid assuming you have better chances of getting the job because you're the same gender or of the same race as your interviewer - really not a good look. 

 These people are not your friends. Be cordial, be respectful and engage in small talk, but maintain your professionalism.

Forgetting to say ‘Thank you’

 Most people overlook this important "touch" and would be surprised at how effective it is. The method, of course, is equally as important.

Make sure your note is hand-written as this suggests that effort went into it and avoids having your email sent straight to spam. 

 Ensure that the card looks professional and doesn’t have too many bright or distracting colors. Be sure to clearly state the reason for the card, thank them for considering you for the position and let them know you look forward to hearing from them in the near future.

Send this a day or two after the, while you're still fresh in their minds.


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