Three reasons your relationship should be off social media

By Drum Digital
08 December 2014

Social media can give us platforms we never knew existed before and the idea of having several "friends" extending their support can become addictive.

We can at times find ourselves going from sharing the odd "love me some him/her" thought to more intimate aspects of our love lives.

This can be dangerous and we've put together three concise reasons in case you don't believe it:

You’ll only annoy your partner even more

This will delay your finding a solution and receiving an apology, or whatever it is you might be seeking from him or her.

Communication is key. While it can feel like a release to the person airing the dirty laundry, it’s causing further damage to the relationship.

It also tells your partner that the relationship isn’t respected or valued.

 Your relationship is made vulnerable to the world

If there's an interested ex or an admirer hanging around, a window of opportunity has just opened up. There are some people who are waiting for a relationship to fail.

We have to be very careful about what we share regarding our love life.

You’ve displayed real immaturity

Doing something like that suggests you don’t know how to have an adult relationship.  Your partner should always be the first, and honestly the only one, to know when something is bothering you in the relationship.


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