Three things you should do when your partner upsets you

By Drum Digital
18 March 2015

We can all throw tantrums, but that would not solve our problem or do anything positive for our relationships.

Time-Out It does not only work for children, it helps with grown ups too. Time-outs help you calm down and reevaluate a situation. It does not mean you should ignore the issue, but to look at a bigger picture. Distinguish between action and emotion Do not allow your anger to make a fool of yourself. Most times when you act out of emotion, you end up regretting.  Take time to process the anger emotion before you make a decision about how to act on it.

See opportunity

The moment you get upset at your partner, it is actually the best time to improve your relationship.Usually getting upset means there are unresolved issues, that need to be addressed. After evaluating your emotions and the situation, handle the sit-down well and with caution.


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