Throwback Thursday: Sgudi Snaysi

By Drum Digital
20 August 2015

One of the best South African comedy productions.

The Zulu comedy series was very popular and entertaining during the late 80s and early 90s.

The cast consisted of Daphne Hlomuka as Sis' May, a middle-aged woman living in Soweto; Gloria Mudau as Louise, Sis' May's neighbour; Thembi Mtshali as Thoko, Sis' May's niece; and Joe Mafela as S'dumo an unemployed lodger.

Legendary Joe Mafela recently joined other local comedy legends like Mel Miller, Joe Parker, Barry Hilton and Mark Bank as recipient of the Savanna Comics Choice Award lifetime Achiever after dedicating over 50 years to the industry.

he has served for over 50 years, recalling a few people he’s worked with and how the

It is considered as one of South Africa's best comedy productions.

Revive your memory with pictures from the good old days below:


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