Thuli shows off her baby

By Drum Digital
11 August 2010

SHE’S swapped her designer handbags for a baby carry-all and is driving her younger sister’s childfriendly car instead of her fancy sports Mercedes. The only time she goes shopping is when she needs nappies and glamorous parties have been ditched in favour of nights at home. Yet former Miss South Africa Thuli Sithole couldn’t be happier: there’s a new man in her life and she can’t get enough of him.

The man in question is Chawe Thandolwethu, her son of four months. Thuli is crazy about him and we don’t blame her – he’s an adorable little guy and wins everyone over with his grins and gurgles.“He has his dad’s looks but his mom’s spirit,” Thuli says, cradling him. “Well, that’s what everyone says anyway.”

In other words Chawe, or Thando as everyone calls him, is a real little prince – literally in his case. His dad is His Royal Highness Prince Cedza Dlamini (34), nephew of Swaziland’s King Mswati lll.

“When he was three months old we had his anointing ceremony in Swaziland with our immediate family,” Thuli tells us. The ceremony was an official naming ritual and Prince Chawe (which means warrior) Thandolwethu Dlamini was introduced to everyone in the family.

Being part of the Swazi royal family has been a learning curve for Thuli, who is traditionally Shangaan. For instance, she has to wear a traditional choker (Ematinta) made from the wood of a sacred Swazi tree until she’s finished breastfeeding her son.

“I’m so open to learning about the culture and royal protocol. The Swazi people are a wonderful nation and Cedza’s family are so humble they make it easy for me,” the 26-year-old former beauty queen says.

Thuli, Cedza and Thando make weekly trips to Swaziland to visit the family. “We prefer to fly, so my poor child spends every weekend at the airport,” she laughs.

Thuli is one hot mama. She gained 19 kilograms during her pregnancy but she’s shed it all, crediting good genes, exercising during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

“Now it’s just a matter of toning. Cedza and I have been meaning to join the gym but baby is our priority now.”

We’re the first media to meet little Thando, who was in seclusion as per tradition for the first three months of his life. “I’m glad we had those three months to ourselves because I’m much thinner now,” Thuli says, laughing.

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