Tia and Tamera get real

By Drum Digital
16 November 2011

We caught up with Tamera Mowry - Housley who was in the country to promote the premiere of the show on Style Network. We had to find out what the twins have been up to since their days of Sister, Sister.

How are you finding South Africa?

I absolutely love it here …My husband and I are definitely coming back. We have two of our favourite place that we have been in the world, its Croatia and definitely South Africa.

Don’t you miss home?

Honestly ever since I have been here, I don’t miss home.

How is your sister doing?

She is great, she is doing a show called “The Game” and its on BET and she plays this character called Melanie Barnett.

So what’s the difference between you and your sister?

There are a lot of difference and a lot of similarities, some of the differences people can notice off the bat. The physical differences; I have a longer face, I have a mole on my face. Tia always wears her hair straightened and I usually tend to wear my hair curly sometimes. Characteristics wise, Tia is normally assertive, focused and disciplined. Where as I am more passive, laidback, nurturer, people usually call me mother of the two.

The last time we were truly exposed to Tia and Tamera was when you were young teens on Sister, Sister. We have had also had just a small dose of The Game. What has gone on in your life since then?

I think the main thing is that I’ve grown up. I went to college and I studied Psychology for about seven years. And then I lived in Italy for the summer.

When I returned I started doing some other shows, there was a show called Strong medicine where I played a doctor. It was my first adult role, which I was very excited to do. On top of that it was a drama, which was completely different from what I was known for.

Recently my sister and I produced a television film, a romantic comedy called Double Wedding and that aired 2010.

For child stars you guys turned out pretty well, how did you do it?

Thank you, a lot of people ask that. Honestly I have to give it to my parents. We have an amazing support system. They are not yes people. They keep us accountable for our actions.

Not only that, we have a very close relationship with God. We believe that God is the one who blessed us with the talent that we have and we just want to serve him and give back

What was the worst part of growing up in front of the world?

You know every child has their awkward phase. Well my awkward stage was on television and it can be seen forever. Then the other thing, when you put yourself out there, you put yourself out there for people to criticize or judge. Growing up people will have their opinions about you. Growing up Tia and I have learnt to pay attention to that as much.

Now you are all grown up and have a reality show?

Well Tia and Tamera is a show about us. What makes this different from anything we have done is that it is a reality show. It shows just who we are as people. We are completely vulnerable to our audience and we hope that they like it as much as we did shooting it.

Throughout the first season you will see Tia getting ready for baby, her first baby. You will see me getting ready for my wedding. What makes this so pivotal is that transformational events in our lives are happening at the same time.

How was it shooting the reality show?

Honestly it was hard in the beginning because I wasn’t used to having camers’s around me 24/7. Because I was kind of brought in front of the television camera there were certain things that I kept to myself. I had to guard certain things. Whereas doing a reality show the only way it’s going to work is if you are completely vulnerable, so I had to learn how to break down those walls and not tiptoe around certain circumstances. You had to completely be yourself. After awhile you forget the cameras are there and my sister and I were just having a lot of fun.

Recently married, do you think having cameras constantly around affects your relationship in anyway?

I think it can, it’s very important to protect certain aspects of that. That’s why you will see my husband only in small amounts; you won’t see him a lot. Same thing with Tia’s husband, we wanted to make sure the show was around us mostly.

How has married life been?

I love it …it’s very, very new. It’s only been 6 months. People say that we are in the blissful, fun stage. We are still in the getting to know each other stage, although we dated for almost seven years. We never lived together, so we are really getting used to each others quirks

There are rumours that you are doing the second season of Tia and Tamera Show in SA.

Yes, we are recording just parts of it here, because my sister is in Atlanta shooting “The Game” and we want to make sure that she is a part of it.

You can catch the Tia and Tamera show on the Style Network on Wednesday, 16 November at 21:15.

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