Tidimalo Sekhalo, Miss SA 2014 finalist share her top hair tips 3/7

By Drum Digital
26 February 2014

Miss SA 2014 finalist give us her hair tips.

For many women beautiful hair and luxuriant locks are an essential part of their identity. Women all over the world take pride in their hair. Tidimalo Sekhalo, Miss SA 2014 finalist share her top hair tips:

Q: How do you keep your hair in good condition?

To keep my hair in good condition I make sure that I wash it twice a day. Even if you have a weave, there is no reason not to wash your hair. Once your hair is washed, condition the hair and moisturise the roots.

Q: What is the best hair tip you have ever received?

The best hair tip I have received is to wash my hair regularly. Washing hair regularly allows your hair to breath and allows the natural oils to strengthen the hair. I like to wear my hair up. I have a triangle shaped face and my features stand out more when my hair is up.

Q: How do you like to wear your hair?

There are a few looks I can do with my hair. A few of my favourites are having a big bun at the top of my head, having a French braid down the back of my head or parting the top and bottom part of my hair and tying the top half in a ponytail and letting the other half loose.

Q: What has been your worst “bad hair day”?

My worst bad hair day is when the front part of my hair no longer gels in with the rest of my weave and I have to wear a head band.

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