Time for gym, baby

By Drum Digital
02 February 2010

THINK of a gym and images of muscled men showing off their honed six-packs and women strutting their stuff in sexy Lycra outfits are likely to come to mind, along with swimming pools, treadmills, saunas and toned gym bunnies smiling from behind the reception desk.

But this gym in Soweto is different. There is no pool and no equipment, there are no hunks and the women arrive with babies in their arms. That’s because this is no ordinary gym: it’s a place where tots between the ages of 12 and 24 months gather with their mothers and caregivers for daily workouts.

It’s the first BabyGym in a South African township and is the passion of Caroline Maseko (38), who is also the centre’s main instructor.

Read the article in the Drum of 10 February 2011 – and share your views below.

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