Tina and Prosper speak out

By Drum Digital
19 November 2010

ETCHED into the flesh of her upper right arm is a new tattoo: a heart with the word “Mkwaiwa” in the centre. But it isn’t a

declaration of her love for the man in her life, she says; it’s a memorial to the baby she lost ? the baby many said was nothing but a publicity stunt, a ploy to attract more attention . . .

Tina Dlangwana touches the ink on her arm. “It did hurt,” she admits, “but when you’re going through something so emotional you don’t feel the physical pain.”

Losing her baby at five months was a nightmare, the attractive 25-year-old singer says. And the fact that her pregnancy had been the target of malicious rumours made it all the more traumatic.

Tina and her music promoter fiancé Prosper Mkwaiwa announced their pregnancy in May, saying they were a month along. Soon after people started questioning why she was still out partying when she was supposedly expecting. And as the months went by they also gossiped about how she wasn’t showing any signs of a baby bump.

Eyebrows rose even higher recently when the couple went to the papers, saying Tina had suffered a miscarriage in September. Suspicious, the rumourmongers said; it doesn’t quite add up . . .

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