Tips to make your marriage over

By Drum Digital
22 September 2014

Check out these makeover tips for a boring marriage.

Living in a marriage where there is no joy or spontaneity can be draining. Check out these makeover tips for a boring marriage:

Connect with other couples

Asking about date nights, vacations and how other couples spend their time confirms that there are plenty of ways to keep a marriage alive. Be proactive by joining a marriage ministry or a couple’s event network. It’s important to spend time around people who are similar to you and your spouse. It’s important to know we aren’t alone in our challenges. We also need the positive energy that comes from other healthy relationships.

Be mindful of what your dating life was like prior to marriage

Who were you when you were just a boyfriend or girlfriend? How did you dress and behave around your partner? How did you set yourself apart and prove you were marriage material? Answering these questions will guide you into where you need to show up now.

It’s important to court your spouse again

Partner with family or other parents who may also need couple time and set up babysitting bartering. Doing this in advance makes it easier to plan dates. Incorporate couple time into the family time. If it’s family movie night, make sure you and your spouse sit next to each other. Use that time to cuddle, hold hands and stay connected. Take up a new hobby together, like art, dancing or cooking classes. We have to keep our marriage fresh and new and we can’t be afraid to step outside of our comfort zones, especially as it relates to our union.

Incorporate a few new positions into your bedroom routine

Ask your partner what he/she needs and share your needs as well. If we find ourselves in a boring marriage, it is by choice. We all have access to what we need to revive it. We have to desire a stronger, healthier and more spontaneous partnership. When the desire for better is stronger than settling for the mundane, we will take action.


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