Tips to stay healthy over the festive season

By Drum Digital
25 December 2015

No one wants to battle a runny nose or tummy bug during the festive season this year, so make sure you stay as healthy as possible with these top tips.

The last week of 2015 should be all about glitzy parties, spending time with loved ones and exchanging gifts – not being stuck at home under a duvet feeling rotten. In the time around Christmas we often get rundown and that is when illness is most likely to hit, with a staggering 150 million work days lost each year due to colds.

Dr Lisa Ackerley is an expert in tackling germs and has some helpful advice to keep us all fit and healthy over the Christmas period.

“Wash your hands when you get home or get to the office,” she told Cover Media. “Use a hand gel if you can’t get to a basin, and above all, don’t rub your eyes or nose when travelling.”

The health professional insists we should have no qualms about appearing offish if someone on our train or bus looks under the weather. She stresses it’s important to keep your distance, or risk getting sick yourself.

“Avoid sitting near someone who is obviously ill – turn away from them on public transport or protect yourself with a scarf over your face,” Lisa added.

“Wear gloves on public transport – it will stop you being tempted to rub your eyes and may protect your hands.”

During the cold and flu season, infection can spread on surfaces, so even if things look clean make every effort to disinfect your hands and surfaces to kill any bacteria. According to experts, 56 per cent of people don’t always wash their hands after sneezing or blowing their nose, so take care when using door handles, stairways, toilets, taps, chairs, tables and phones in any public place.

It’s important to regularly wash your hands with antibacterial soap, and you may even consider carrying a germ-busting antibacterial spray around with you over the next few months to keep hands clean.

When anyone in your home is feeling ill, help them get back to full strength by letting them rest as much as possible.

“If someone in your family does have cold or flu in addition try to allow plenty of rest and keep separate from the rest of the family if possible to avoid spreading the virus,” Dr Lisa added. “Dettol Disinfectant Spray is proven to kill Cold and Flu viruses and can be used in sick rooms.”

Once you have a virus, symptoms usually appear within 48 hours and can last for seven to 14 days. Remember, you can still be infectious before you even realise you’re poorly and kids can continue to spread the flu virus after seven days. © Cover Media

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