Today's teachers are lazy: Qwelane

By Drum Digital
23 March 2013

The oldest teacher in South Africa said teachers today were lazy and pupils were uninspired, according to a report on Saturday.

Nontsikelelo Qwelane, 92, is South Africa's oldest teacher who has taught for 73 years and is still going strong, Saturday Star reported.

Qwelane teaches geography to pupils in White River, Mpumalanga.

On Friday she delivered a lecture at the University of SA in Pretoria where she lambasted today's teachers and said they were "always tired" and today's pupils were satisfied with minimum results.

"Class management is becoming poor. It's as if they [teachers] don't know what it means to be a teacher," Qwelane said.

"Others walk as if they are tired. You can't be tired in the morning. I don't know what has gone wrong."

She began her schooling in 1929 and after finishing her Standard 6 [Grade Eight], she trained as a teacher.

Qwelane said while training as teachers, her generation was forced to pray, clean and do manual work.

This, she said, squeezed out the laziness that black children were born with.

Qwelane's parents were both teachers and her two daughter Nomakhwezi Nkosi, 63 and Nomonde Ndimande, 67, are also teachers.


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