Toddlers die after car bursts into flames + what to do if it happens to you

23 January 2015

Two Cape Town boys have died after being trapped in a car that caught alight in Macassar, the Western Cape health department said on Friday.

The three-year-old boys were critically injured and were taken to hospital with third degree burns to 80 percent of their bodies around noon on Thursday. They later died.

Firefighters arrived to find the boys had already been removed from the burnt car, which was parked in the area, said Cape Town fire and rescue spokesman Theo Lane.

He said he could not speculate on the circumstances leading to the fire.

“The fire was extinguished by neighbours with a hose,” he said.

The department expressed its condolences to the families of the children in a statement on Friday.


How to save someone from a burning car:

- First divert traffic and pedestrians away from the burning vehicle to ensure others’ safety.

- Call an emergency service and ambulance.

- Wrap yourself in any protective clothing you have on the scene.

- If your life wont be in danger, try extinguish the flames with an extinguisher.

- Try and get a reaction from the passengers to determine the level of danger they are in.

- Try opening the door to get the passengers out. Alternatively, try lifting them through a window.

- If you need to smash a window, smash the one furthest from the passengers.

- Get the passengers and yourself as far away from the vehicle as possible.


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