Together at last

By Drum Digital
10 October 2011

Sounds of celebration and ululation sweep joyfully across the hilly township of Kwa-Mashu in Durban. Guests look ravishing and colourful in their tradi-tional attire as they arrive to join in the festivities at the home of Malini’s leading lady, Toffo Goge. 

Today, Toffo (33) is finally making her relationship to Lucky Shabangu (36) of Twins’ fame official.

It is their traditional wedding and engagement party and the weather gods have smiled on the couple, as the Zulu kingdom is bathed in sunshine on this very beautiful Saturday morning.

Inside the house, the bride looks pretty and colourful in her traditional beaded Zulu gear, but on the inside she’s a bag of mixed emotions – excited and anxious, all at once, about becoming a wife.

“I’m glad this day is finally here,” she says. "I’ve been one patient woman! We have brok-en up and made up so many times, but today we’re starting a new chapter in our lives.”

Read the full article in DRUM, 13 October 2011.

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