Too good to be true?

By Drum Digital
05 June 2014

Hendrick Motaung is just one patient among the 200 000 various addicts worldwide Dr Kirsten says have been cured by the drug naltrexone.

A Pretoria doctor claims to be able to cure drug addiction to nyaope and other substances with another drug: naltrexone implants. He’s had some success but the jury is still out

Within weeks of first trying the drug nyaope, also known as whoonga, he was hooked. His matric schoolwork deteriorated and he started stealing money to feed his deadly habit. By the end of 2010 Hendrick Motaung had dropped out of school and was a hopeless junkie. Even his mother had written him off.

Then, in a final attempt to save him from life on the streets, his desperate mom Rachel decided to take him to see a man who claims he has a miracle cure for drug addiction – Pretoria doctor Gerhard Kirsten.

It worked. Before long Hendrick was off nyaope – a toxic mix of anything from powdered detergent and rat poison to dagga with a small amount of heroin or cocaine – and building his life again.

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