TOPS addresses PJ Powers drama

By Drum Digital
23 June 2015

After a social media storm broke loose about an advertising campaign using PJ Powers’ name, alcohol retailer TOPS has officially responded.

After a social media storm broke loose about an advertising campaign using PJ Powers’ name,  Spar Supermarket's alcohol retailer TOPS officially responded on Tuesday.

This comes after singer PJ Powers, who has publicly admitted to being sober for the last five-and-a-half years, revealed on her Facebook page on Monday that Spar is using her name without her permission in an advertising campaign for their liquor store.

PJ Powers

TOPS released the following statement to address the use of the slogan, "Grab a drink and show off your PJ Powers", in their campaign:

"The TOPS ads have always been ones of humour, liveliness and good cheer. Therefore for the month of June TOPS have been running advertisements with a Pyjama (PJ) Party theme. The line was written to highlight the theme and linked to the message from our Minister of Parties & Recreation "No slumber, only Party!"

This line was never used with malicious intent and put out to offend or cause anyone any harm. PJ’s is a widely used term for Pyjamas and we believe that it is quite clear if you look at all our ads for the month of June where lines like:

"Accessorise your PJ’s with something red" and "No sleep only Party" were used to further highlight the theme. Included in all the June ads is the TOPS Minister of Parties & Recreation wearing his nightgown.

Claims that TOPS have not responded on the above issue are incorrect. A formal response was sent to Yvonne, PJ Powers' agent, on 12 June 2015 and was followed up with an additional correspondence on the 18 June 2015.

At no time was TOPS ever trying to poke fun at PJ Powers and her struggle with alcohol. It was only our intent to get the June theme across in a fun and light-hearted manner."

Source: Channel24

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