Tour de France winner frustrated by doping questions

By Drum Digital
15 July 2013

Chris Froome, Tour de France 2013 winner, is getting frustrated about being questioned about his win.

The rider, according to The Telegraph, has admitted his growing frustration at questions about doping a day after his historic win on Mont Ventoux.

His performance has been compared by many to those of disgraced drugs cheat Lance Armstrong.

"I just think it's quite sad that we're sitting here the day after the biggest victory of my life, a historic win, talking about doping," Froome said.

Confident of his innocence, he suggested the World Anti-Doping Agency could be invited in by the team and given full access to all their information.

"They can have everything we've got," he said. "They can come and live with us. They can see all of our data, have access to every single training file we've got, The Telegraph reports.

Born in Kenya and brought up in South Africa, since spring 2008 he has ridden under a British licence on the basis of his passport and father's and grandparents' country of birth.

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