Township Tsotsi 4/4

By Drum Digital
08 August 2014

Vusi didn’t think of himself as a criminal, not really . . .

‘‘Take this with you,’’ he said. ‘‘Ngiyabonga, Shadrack, you are a good friend.’’ ‘‘It’s okay, Vusi. I’m earning good money and I’m happy because maybe in the future you won’t have to borrow from me any more.’’ Vusi was surprised. ‘‘I won’t?’’ Shadrack’s smile widened. ‘‘No. I have some good news.’’ ‘‘You do?’’ ‘Yes.

By the way, how is your dog?’’ Vusi was puzzled. Why would Shadrack be interested in his small brown mongrel? ‘‘He is fine, Shadrack. Why?’’ ‘‘Do you still leave him at home all on his own during the day?’’ ‘‘Yes. I’m out looking for a job every day,’’ Vusi said. ‘‘Why, Shadrack? Why are you asking me these things? You know what my life is like.’’

"Well,’’ and now Shadrack looked even more pleased, ‘‘soon you might be able to have him with you every day.’’ He paused, enjoying Vusi’s mystified expression. ‘‘My boss’ son is a vet. He has a job for a general assistant at his surgery. I told him you would like to go and see him.’’ Vusi nearly leapt from the chair with excitement.

‘‘My friend, how can I thank you?’’ ‘‘By turning up on time tomorrow morning at eight o’clock – the doctor is expecting you.’’ Vusi’s heart thudded in his chest. A job. Maybe. At last.

He couldn’t wait to tell Thandi. ‘‘I will be there at eight exactly, Shadrack!’’ Vusi left Shadrack’s house with a smile on his face and ran all the way home. He burst through the front door into his house. ‘‘Thandi, I’ve got a job!’’ He gave her a huge hug. Her eyes shone. ‘‘Now you won’t have to do those dreadful things.

When do you start?’’ ‘‘Tomorrow. At the place where they have the sick animals and the ones that have been hurt. You know – the vet’s.’’ His face gleamed with happiness. He hugged Thandi again and looked down into her eyes. ‘‘I’m no longer a township tsotsi, Thandi. I amVusi Dhlamini, a man, a husband, a father.

But, best of all, I can now take our ‘township special’ to work with me every day!”

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