Toyi Mthembu's inspiring story

By Drum Digital
16 February 2011

SHE made a deadly cocktail of sleeping tablets and placed it in a cup beside her bed. She knew she must end it now – after all those months of searching for her missing little daughter, amahle, she had finally given up all hope.

Then 38-year-old Zamantimande Ngwenya climbed into her bed and prepared to end her lonely life on that warm Sunday night of 14 November 2010. But as she lay there lost in her confused thoughts a voice came over the radio, which was tuned to Ukhozi Fm.It was the religious programme uNkulunluku Nomuntu Omusha (God and the youth) and motivational speaker and author Toyi mthembu (49) was on the air. and as she spoke, Zamantimande sat up straight in her bed, dried her red eyes and began to see that perhaps there was another way.

“She needed to find refuge and forgiveness, and for some reason my words gave her the will to try again,” says Toyi.

Her words and four successful self-help books have had a similar effect on many South africans who have warmed to her courage and determination to succeed despite facing dark days. Toyi’s own journey has seen her walk out of an abusive marriage and gain a new sense of freedom that gave her the drive to inspire others. She endured repeated abuse at the hands of her husband who once took a cricket bat to her and beat her so badly that she was hospitalised.

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