Trayvon Martin's killer George Zimmerman shot

By Drum Digital
12 May 2015

The man who shot and killed teenager Trayvon Martin in 2013, George Zimmerman, has been shot by someone who he has allegedly had past disputes with.

CNN reports that Zimmerman has been treated in hospital for the minor injuries he suffered when a man named Matthew Apperson shot the former security guard. Conflicting versions of events have come up with one report by Apperson's attorney saying that Zimmerman has waved a gun in traffic which led to Apperson acting in "self defence". "What happened today, he was legally justified to do," Apperson's lawyer said as quoted by CNN.

Zimmerman's attorney denies this and claims that a man had began flashing his lights while driving behind Zimmerman and was honking at him, the man then allegedly pulled up next to Zimmerman's window and started yelling obscenities at him.

"Zimmerman raised his window and then the man shot at him. The bullet went through Zimmerman's side window and almost hit him in the head," Zimmerman's representative reportedly said.

His attorney also went on to say that Zimmerman was then allegedly hit by glass from the window.

What is confirmed is that Apperson did indeed shoot Zimmerman as he used a witness's phone to make the call to 911 about the incident.

"I shot George Zimmerman, call 911. I don't have a phone," Apperson apparently told the witness.

Apperson and Zimmerman have allegedly had three previous disputes, including an alleged incident where Zimmerman threatened to shoot Apperson dead.

Though Apperson did not pursue any charges he felt threatened enough to notify 911 about the incident where Zimmerman threatened his life. Due to the investigation being in its early stages, allegedly no arrests have been made and no charges filed in relation to the shooting.

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