Treating a fever in children

By Drum Digital
11 September 2012

Tips on how to treat a fever

Cool the room:  Keeping the room cool at a temperature of 18° is recommended as it helps to cool the child. (1) Don’t make it too cold as shivering will raise body temperature. (2)

Be careful of overdressing:  Overdressing prevents the body from cooling. Dress the child in cool, light clothing, preferably a single layer. Cover them with a sheet or light blanket. (2,3)

Rest:  Avoid excess activity as it can increase body temperature. (2)

Oral fluids:  Children lose extra water during a fever and can become dehydrated so give them plenty of cool, clear liquids to drink. (1,2,3)

Love:  There is nothing more comforting to a distressed child than the arms of his/her mother.

Medication: Medicine containing Paracetamol is recommended by the World Health Organisation as the first choice in the treatment of fever in children. (4,5,6)

This information is a guideline only. It should not replace the advice of your healthcare professional. Doctor should be consulted if no relief is obtained within the recommended dose.

Article courtesy of Calpol

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