Trends to look out for ahead of Fashion Week

By Drum Digital
03 March 2015

Linda gives the inside scoop on what you should be looking for when shopping this year.

With Fashion Week around the corner, 2015 fashion trends hold a line-up of beautiful, bold colours, prints and patterns, according to Linda Sifumba, former Sunday Times Fashion Weekly member, Merchandiser for Mango and friend of the Philips Garment Care brand.

She predicts that timeless clothing items will be a staple for your cupboard too. With this in mind, there is no better time than now to start looking after your clothes, they are an investment rather than a expense.

Colours from winter to summer: 

Green, Navy and Orchard Pink are the colours that will reoccur throughout 2015 as these tones compliment the beautiful bright, vibrant shades that will be presented in the summer season of the year.

Timeless pieces:

It seems fashion is moving towards a point where clothing items are created as timeless pieces that can be carried over annually. If you do happen to save your favourite time pieces for wearing this year, make certain you wear them in the appropriate season.

Clothing items to look out for in 2015: The midi skirt

The power of femininity is a strong focal point this year. The variety of midi skirt styles is ever so versatile - from the cuts, to materials and prints. Whether you’re going for the sober more corporate style or flirtatious and romantic look, you will definitely find a midi skirt to your advantage and a style to suit your personal preferences.

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