Trevor Gumbi is a laugh a minute

By Drum Digital
11 May 2012

He doesn’t even have to open his mouth to make people laugh. His facial contortions, expressive eyes and boundless energy are enough to tickle anyone’s funny bone.

But when he does open his mouth his unapologetic take on everything from politics, sex and racism to children will have you crying with laughter. No issue escapes this joker. Upon his arrival at our Sandton

studio, Trevor Gumbi proudly shows off his scooter, a vehicle he says he loves because it ensures he’s always on time, is economical and makes navigating traffic a pleasure.

“I only pay R40 petrol from Joburg to Pretoria, but it’s tricky to tweet on it,” he says with a laugh. It’s easy to see why Trevor has the reputation of being the craziest comedian in the country. Tweeting while riding is the least spectacular of his antics – he was once stopped by police for driving home naked!

He’s obviously comfortable in his own skin and as we prepare the photographic studio, Trevor unselfconsciously wanders around half-naked.

“Why are you looking at me like I’m doing something wrong? We were born like this,” he tells the bewildered stylist. The hilarity continues during the shoot as jokes fly on every conceivable topic.


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