Trevor Gumbi's drunken hosting

By Qhama Dayile
31 May 2016

Trevor cleaned up his act, started focusing on work, his good-guy image and being a great husband and father to his two boys.

In 2015 comedian Trevor Gumbi spoke candidly about drug addiction at the DJ Sbu’s 2020 leadership social networking session and expressed how he had overcome the struggle with Cocaine andit almost cost him his life.

On 28 May 2016 the Friends Like these presenter was an the MC for the annual Black & Gold Africa All in One Experience event in Mthatha, Eatern Cape hosted by Zwelinzima "Pk" Dweba. Celebrities from all over the country celebrated with bottles of champagne, and Trevor over indulged on the booze.

Half way through the show, Trevor disappeared for hours from his MCing job and came back staggering and unable to host.

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