Trevor Gumbi's hard road to recovery

By Drum Digital
07 June 2013

Trevor Gumbi opens up about the sexual abuse that led to his drug addiction and how his wife helped him to heal

LESS than a year ago comedian Trevor Gumbi (32) thought he might end up in jail or, worse, dead. But it’s been 10 months since he decided to fight back against his cocaine addiction, and it shows. “I’m feeling positive about everything.

I have my best friend here, my wife,” he tells us, pointing to Lucille (30), who’s come to support him for the interview.

“We now have fun together. Before, it was a chore to go out together. We’ve just come back from a spontaneous trip to Durban. The bad spontaneity I had in my life during addiction has now been replaced with good spontaneity.”

Looking lovingly at Trevor, Lucille agrees with him. “It feels incredible to have my husband back. I’m really happy to see him actively working on our marriage and fixing our family every day. We’re taking it one step at a time.”

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