Trevor in charge at Cell C

By Drum Digital
11 August 2010

IF HE was a bank robber he’d sweet talk his way into the main vault; if he was a salesman he could sell you your own mother. He’s the original smooth operator – the cunning charmer who’ll bowl you over while he tricks you to suit his plan.

Trevor Noahcould charm the socks off any woman – although only a woman with the patience of a saint would date him. He may be dashing but he’s always late and his attention is never undivided. The minute you sink into the chocolate pools of his eyes, those in the know say, he picks up his phone to call a friend.He can hold at least three conversations at once, thinks nothing of making you wait an hour for an appointment and has been known to miss a function when he’s promised he’ll be there.

A case in point is the recent YOU Spectacular: Trevor was named the most popular male celeb but he wasn’t there to collect his award, despite RSVPing to say he would attend. “I had to go to London for a meeting about a new documentary about comedy in South Africa,” is all he offers by way of an explanation.

He manages to get away with it because he’s cute . . . and talented.

And now the TV presenter and comedian has climbed the corporate ladder all the way to the top. He’s just been appointed ‘CEO’ of Cell C – although in his case CEO stands not for chief executive officer but for customer experience officer, a brandnew position that’s been tailor-made for the razor-tongued funny man.

It’s now Trevor’s job to ensure Cell C customers’ voices are heard when the network fails them. He’s the one to SMS when you can’t get through to your friends or when your call is interrupted mid-conversation.

And yes, he admits, he’s being paid a small fortune to be the face of the company he dissed. Enough to buy a house or a car? He chuckles. “That depends on which car and house you’re talking about.

“But I’ll tell you this: it’s enough to buy three Magnum ice creams and a Red Bull.”

HIS meteoric rise to the corporate advertising big time started when he laid into poor cellular service at one of his stand-up shows recently. He reserved his sharpest criticism for Cell C.

“They’re the worst,” he complained. “They don’t even have their own network – they piggyback on Vodacom. If Vodacom is the ANC, then Cell C is Cope. That’s just disastrous. Cell C drops calls more often than Jacob Zuma drops his underwear!”

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